Interior Design Home - If youre ready to start planning your next interior design project you may be interested to know whats hot for 2014. This year is coming to an end and the last thing you want to do is create a design based on a trend thats already falling out of favour, especially if you may wish to sell your property in the next year.

Keeping it Clean
Contemporary design has been focused on minimalism for a few years now. Many of the main points of this trend still stand true. You will need to think about using clean lines and natural finishes. The main difference is the use of colour. While white or beige walls were all the rage, now its all about using different shades of colour which means 2014 is going to be a lot louder than previous years.
Hot Trends to Consider Using in Your Home
Colour can be frightening. Its a lot easier to stick to a neutral tone as you dont need to worry about ensuring your soft furnishings will match. Its also safer; you know there is nothing that your guests will find unpalatable. For 2014 you need to become braver with your decoration, but that doesnt mean using bold paints and wildly patterned wallpapers in neon tones. If you want to get it right stick to pastel colours for the main walls but adding some bursts of life using splashes of primary colours here and there.
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Its important not to think the only place to use colour is on the wall. You should add it elsewhere such as on surfaces and floors. If you want to hit this colour trend aim to create a room that is based upon some 1950s abstract art.
Picking the Furniture
Feel fed up of your old furniture, nows the time to buy something new. The furniture trends for 2014 include all natural finishes so look for furniture made from wood or marble. If you do need to use man made materials they should be painted in rich colours to remain modern. Look for clean lines though, nothing too ornate think sketched art and youll be working in the right direction.
Eastern European
If you like to have a clear theme to work on Eastern Europe should serve as your inspiration. Use their cultural designs to create a space that is perfect to escape into after a long day in the office. Use bold, bright patterns and look for lots of different materials such as: http://info-bathroom-design.blogspot.com/
Dyed linens
Celebrate the hand made and the home made. Get your creative juices flowing and make some items for your rooms on your own. You could create hand woven bowls, knitted tea cosies or repurpose some of your old items so they are transformed. This is a design trend that welcomes the clashing of patterns so be brave and bold. Just make sure you are in love with the patterns yourself and you cant go wrong.
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